Portfolio Impact Reports
for Financial Advisors

Show Clients What their Investments are Doing for the World

Financial Advisors
1/2 basis point
All US tickers
100+ Data Sources
Print PDFs for in-person meetings
Send unique electronic links
Compliance Approved
(e.g. $60m aum practice > $3000 /year subscription)

All Issues

From climate to human rights to the SDGs. E.g. women on boards, toxic waste, political spending disclosure, corporate political spending.


Tied to holdings of specific client portfolios, or model portfolios. Metrics compared to benchmarks and peers.

Real Time Data

Both statistics and shareholder engagement stories. Data from 100+ sources including NGOs, rankings, press, reports, and news.

Tell Concrete Stories

“You took the equivalent of 18 cars off the road through low carbon funds compared to their benchmarks.”
“Your portfolio supports 20% more women on boards compared to benchmarks.”
“Your sustainable fund managers convinced 18 companies to improve human rights practices through shareholder engagement. You can read all about how Trillium pushed PNC Bank to stop financing private prisons."

Data. Covered.

Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Stocks. Anything with a ticker on the big 3 US exchanges. Over 100 Data Sources on Impact. From the fund managers and companies directly, to news articles, to rankings + reports from NGOs, government agencies, and academics.

Relevant & Compelling

For each metric, we compare your portfolio to a benchmark. When possible, we use everyday metaphors for abstract topics. E.g. “you saved 18 cars off the road equivalent” instead of “88 Mg CO2.” Our algorithm will prioritize displaying metrics based on interest and relevance. We assign each metric a “wow score,” and focus on metrics with more coverage from your holdings.

Compliance Approved

Our reports are not financial advice. We offer ability for you to customize compliance language. All client data is secure and private.

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