Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors help manage your personal financial future, from mortgages to investments.
Advisors on Stake help you align with the future you want for society.

Alex Zepkowski
Lake Avenue Financial in Pasadena, California

Bill Holliday
AIO Financial in Tuscon, Arizona

Caedmon Bear
On the Trail Financial Planning in Walnut Creek, California

Gary Matthews
SRI Investing in New York City, New York

Harry Moran
Sustainable Wealth Advisors in Saratoga Springs, New York

Jan Schalkwijk
JPS Global Investments in San Carlos, California

Jim Frazin
Communitas Financial Planning in Oakland, California

Kenneth Silva Ballard
SRI Investing in New York City, New York

Marco Lima, CFP®
MRA Advisory Group in Parsippany, New Jersey

Max Mintz
Common Interests in Metuchen, New Jersey

Meghan Lape-Lefevre
Conscious Impact Financial Planning in Austin, Texas