Kenneth Silva Ballard

New York City, New York

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  • College Savings
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement

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  • Hourly
  • Fixed/flat

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Human Rights

My purpose with SRI began with my grandmother, Edna Lou C. Ballard, whose request would change my life significantly. It came as she had limited time left here – she asked if I would join the family’s financial planning business prior to her passing in 2014, to assist my grandfather once she was no longer able to. My grandparents founded their business in 1979.

Prior to her request I honed my craft and built a career for over a decade as a Chef. I love cooking, it is my artistic medium of choice but my intuition showed light in this way. So I listened to my heart, and I listened to her, and that’s how I became a financial advisor. In the following years, working with my grandfather, I learned about financial planning and investing, but also about fostering relationships, integrity, trust, gratitude; traits of service work that carried over in different capacities from running a kitchen. I learned it’s the people who make it all worthwhile.

At a certain point I realized and acknowledged the lack of sustainability in the economy as a whole. I was aware of how corporations, governments, and other entities often operated unethically. Traditional investing would have us invest in them anyway and look the other way. I didn’t want to provide that kind of advice – it was simply unacceptable. That’s when I joined SRI Investing. I am grateful to have found and to work with professionals who care enough about humanity and our planet to want to make a positive impact. SRI is all about integrity, compassion, and allowing the people to incorporate virtue into investing.

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