Caedmon Bear

Walnut Creek, California

Services Offered:

  • College Savings
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement

Fee Structure:

  • AUM
  • Retainer
  • Fixed/flat

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About Me

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Equal Opportunity


On the Trail Financial Planning

After two decades designing computer systems with Charles Schwab, I needed work that impacted people in a more direct way and was more aligned with my values. I started On the Trail Financial Planning as a way to help people navigate the complex world of finances while aligning their investments and spending with their values and their passions.

On the Trail Financial Planning is a California Green Business. As a member of 1% for the Planet, I donate 1% of my yearly revenue to environmental organizations.

Socially Responsible Investing

Recycling, buying an electric car, and using paper instead of plastic are all great ways to make a positive impact. But in a capitalist system like ours, encouraging companies to do the right thing for our environment and society can have a greater impact due to their scale. I believe that investing in the right companies and voting for progressive shareholder resolutions can have lasting, positive, impact.

On the Trail Financial Planning has many types of socially responsible investments to create a balanced portfolio based on your risk tolerance, time horizon and values.

How I spend my time

I live with my wife and two teenage children in Walnut Creek, California along with 7 hens, 3 cats, a dog and a beehive (or 3, depending on the year).

I love working in my garden. I'm an avid cyclist and ride regularly on the road and local trails. I backpack in the summertime and I've had a yoga practice for over two decades.

I try to live my best life - a balance of serving others through my business, volunteering in the community and free time to enjoy my family, friends, and passions.

I encourage my clients to live lives that are meaningful to them and bring them joy.

What I do for the planet

The earth is our home and it's our responsibility to act as stewards of the air, water and soil. Each one of us is here for a limited time. Let's leave the world a cleaner and healthier place!

  • We own an electric car that we use for local transportation.
  • We have solar panels on our roof to generate energy.
  • We source green energy from our local utility for the electricity we don't generate ourselves.
  • We raise chickens and keep bees
  • We don't use pesticides in our garden
  • We grow fruit and vegetables in our backyard
  • We compost our food scraps and have a worm bin to help regenerate the soil

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