To catalyze sustainable investing

Our ambition is big. To reorient global capital markets. To change the pardigm of capitalism.

To make meaningful impact, a critical mass of investors must each take action. Loudly enough to change the core incentives of business.

We create impact by helping people make those decisions. We provide the clearest, most transparent, most personalizable data on social and environmental impacts of investments. We focus our tools on empowering wealth advisors, who are the trusted guides in any investor's sustainable journey.

Co-founders Gabe Rissman and Patrick Reed met as student environmental advocates at Yale, working to persuade the endowment to shift away from fossil fuel investments. With his student club, Gabe became the first student to file a shareholder resolution, asking ExxonMobil to cease donations to climate deniers, which succeeded in the subsequent year. is registered as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). As a PBC, our social mission is part of our legal mandate in our articles of incorporation.

Our Data Process

A fresh look at a growing field

To motivate investors to shift to sustainable investing, data must resonate emotionally as part of a narrative. The biggest hesitations that non-experts have with ESG are transparency, trust, and contextualizing information intuitively.

When Gabe and Patrick set out to build impact reporting in 2019, there was already a saturation of ESG data providers. That said, none of them solved the impact motivation problem for non-experts. We quickly realized that to accomplish our goal, we would have to build our own data collection and communication systems.

With the perspectives gleaned from previous experiences, we built a fresh, tech-empowered approach that leverages publicly-available data, sidestepping quality and cost issues associated with legacy approaches.


Patrick O'Rourke Reed


Patrick's background in data science comes from studying econometrics at Yale, where he focused his thesis work on climate-economic modeling, under Nobel-prize winning Nordhaus. He has published academically in sustainable finance, and has experience within renewable energy finance.

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David "Gabe" Rissman


Gabe's background in data science comes from studying computational astrophysics at Yale, with his thesis focus on dark matter. He has experience on the ESG Desk of Rockefeller & Co., as well as at the Connecticut Green Bank. Gabe currently sits on the board of the Intentional Endowments Network.

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