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Prior to founding YourStake, co-founders Gabe Rissman and Patrick Reed met as student environmental advocates at Yale, working to persuade the endowment to shift away from fossil fuel investments. With his student club, Gabe became the first student to file a shareholder resolution, asking ExxonMobil to cease donations to climate deniers, which succeeded in the subsequent year. YourStake is registered as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). As a PBC, our social mission, to catalyze sustainable investing, is part of our legal mandate in our articles of incorporation.


Jeff Gitterman, Co-Founder and CEO, Gitterman Wealth Management & Gitterman Asset Management
Kenny Lee, Entrepreneur and Senior Director at Proofpoint
Derrell Benatar, Executive Chairman  and Founder, User Testing
Sonya Dreizler, Subject Matter Expert on DEI and ESG Investing
Theresa Gusman, CIO of First Affirmative Financial Network
James Rhee, Chair of Entrepreneurship at Howard University & Former CEO of Ashley Stewart
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Jessie Renolds, Co-Founder
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Jess Friend, VP Engineering
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Rachel Nay, Co-Founder and COO
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Matthew Mays, Chief Sales Officer
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Ray Benji, Chief Financial Officer

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