Custom ESG data services

Trusted and transparent ESG data, without the use of scores, to bring a full picture of ESG Investing.
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Data built to give you a transparent view of ESG investing.

We can build, manage, and clean custom data sets to deliver a level of transparency around companies, funds, and investment manager strategies to make your research recommendations much more explainable.

Using our NoScore ESG approach, our team of data scientists gathers and analyzes data from a wide range of trusted public data sources ranging from government agencies to academic, and NGO data libraries. We can also supply company and fund-level data focused on key ESG issues, specific value sets, or even UN standards like the UNPRI or the SDGs.

Already have an ESG provider or internal data team? We can help complement existing data both to help fill in any data gaps and collect, clean, and analyze data to make research more explainable and transparent.

Key benefits

Collecting data from only trusted sources
We only collect data that meets our strict internal criteria. These data sources are hosted by government agencies, academic institutions, or trusted NGO sources.
Built and reviewed by humans, bolstered with AI
Our team of data scientists source, compile, and clean ESG data enhanced by the use of AI.
Click-through ability
Feel confident in knowing where each data point is captured and collected with our click-through ability to see each source and calculation.
Supplement existing ESG data
Supplement your research or existing data partnerships - we can deliver the level of transparency around companies, funds, and investment manager strategies.

Why YourStake?

We're rated the #1 rated ESG/SRI portfolio analysis tool for Financial Advisors. With over $2 Trillion of client AUM running through our tool, we're a trusted partner to deliver ESG data insights and analysis tools.

We are also compliance approved at many of the top Broker-Dealers and have extensive experience in supplying, cleaning, and analyzing multi-source ESG data for Asset Managers.

Delivered to you the way you need it

What good is all the data in the world if you can't actually use it? We will deliver data through the method that works best for you be it API, datafeed, or structured data file.

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