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Prices are per advisor, for internal use only  

'Internal use' meaning that financial advisors can share reports and analysis with clients and prospective clients, but not with other financial firms.

For example, you may not run reports for another advisor, 'regifting' your license.
Client Values Questionnaire
Steer the conversation to tailor to your client's values, through our expertly-designed behavioral values questionnaire.
Custodian Client Sync
Sync your client data from custodians such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Folio, etc. Easily report on actual client portfolios, including legacy investments.
Embed Questionnaire for Prospects
Link to the hosted client values questionnaire on your email signature or website to generate prospective client leads, ready for a follow-up conversation with you about ESG.
Customized Impact Reporting
See any portfolio’s impact across our range of issues, and explore in detail how its holdings contribute to overall impact.
Portfolio Comparisons
Compare the impact of any two portfolios side by side.
Shareholder Engagement
View shareholder engagement highlights from fund managers in your portfolio, and activate your power by using your verified AUM to participate in collaborative investor engagement initiatives
Fund Screener
Find which funds best match your clients’ values or your sustainability thesis.
Metaphor Impact Reports
Present the tangible impact outcomes of investment dollars, such as "how many more meetings have been led by women" through your sustainable portfolios
Institutional Report
Multi-page report, designed to form the basis of a presentation to investment committees and family offices.

All plans come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

What Advisors are Saying

The impact reports are really meaningful to people. Aside from the numbers performance-wise, The ESG investor cares just as much about ESG as they do performance so going away from the data and sharing the story around the actual impact they are having-whether that's how many cars they have taken off the road or how many chickens they haven't killed makes people feel good. It helps with stories (and relatability) as we are meeting with clients remotely (because of the pandemic).

-- Financial Advisor in San Francisco

I love the idea of going through this questionnaire with every single client before we do anything else. It would drive so much efficiency. Sometimes you think you know someone but then they surprise you. The (values questionnaire) is really engaging... and a bonding opportunity (for me and my clients).

-- Financial Advisor in New York

As a new practice, I'm growing primarily by using this tool to poach clients from other advisors who can't offer the level of detail, trust, and transparency to the client around the impact issues that matter to them. I'm getting referrals via word of mouth in my community.

-- Financial Advisor in Oregon

The client is just onboarded and (they thought) the questionnaire was really eye-opening. We are waiting to have that second meeting where part of the work I am going to help them with is to create a policy statement so I can see utilizing this questionnaire to guide the meeting and (creation of the statement).

-- Financial Advisor in California

I think it's helpful to use many different reports, you don't have to just pick one. They tell the story in a different way to the client. That's the nice thing about this, you can pick and choose.

-- Financial Advisor in Hawaii


For Institutions

Analyst Desk

Everything in Champion, plus

  • SSO authentication
  • Company research power tools

to assist with:
  • Individual security portfolios (e.g. fund construction)
  • Extensive Manager due diligence for SMA/UMA construction and rebalancing
  • Presentation to institutional investment committees




  • Bulk licensing for fleet of advisors + analysts
  • Advanced admin and supervision access controls
  • APIs available to integrate YourStake functionality into existing portals such as TAMPs
  • External use licenses available for public-display of impact reports

Direct Custom Indexing

  • Better research for analysts
  • Report impact to stakeholders
  • Tailored deployment + support
  • APIs for any functions
  • Direct custom indexing solutions
  • External use license available

Complementary walkthrough with your team

We offer a free personalized walkthrough session with your team where our experts will go over how the tools can help your practice. And we offer one free complementary impact report on one of your model portfolios

Frequently Asked Questions

How many other advisors are using this solution? was founded in 2018, and over $40b of AUM is making use of the tools. was recently rated the top ESG/SRI analysis platform by advisor in the 2020 T3/Inside Information survey.

Is this Secure?


  • can be used without any sensitive information, as a research and reporting tool on publicly traded investments
  • is officially integrated with custodians, such as TD Ameritrade and Schwab, for you to be able to securely sync client accounts for reporting convenience, if you so choose.
  • A full dossier of security documentation is available on request to be sent to your compliance or IT department for their review

Will my compliance department approve? has been approved for use at top-10 broker-dealers. We are always happy to talk to your compliance department and fill out their forms. You can read more about compliance here.

Where do you get your data? is a data science company at the core. We do not sublicense data from other providers. We process data from over a hundred publicly available sources with a goal to best provide full transparency 'from soup to nuts' on every data point presented within the reports. We call ourselves a No-Score ESG provider, because we empower our customers with the full context instead of asking you to simply trust our own analyst opinions.

What is the coverage?

All subscriptions contain coverage of public equities, holdings data on all US-listed funds, and top community investment funds. Data on funds includes shareholder engagement activities. Additional coverage areas can be made available on request.

What is the benefit of using this tool versus looking up public data on my own?

Here are some of the key benefits

  • Made for You. This will fit into your practice workflow of meeting with clients and quickly running portfolio analysis + comparison, saving time.
  • Benefit from our research. Most of the sources we parse require advanced data science and machine learning techniques to extract the relevant information and keep the database updated at scale. We pull data from over a hundred sources and are always staying on top of the new trends, so that you can have a conversation with any client.
  • Support. You can ask us questions and give us feedback.

Who are you? is a Public Benefit Company, with our core mission being to advance sustainable investing. The founders of met as student activists pushing for Yale to go Fossil Free in their endowment (which they have!), and authored shareholder resolutions at major oil companies to compel them to stop funding climate denial. We have been working in the sustainable finance space for 9 years, and sit on the board of the Intentional Endowments Coalition. You can read more about our team and mission here