license per advisor (internal use)

Client Values Questionnaire
Steer the conversation to tailor to your client's values, through our expertly-designed behavioral values questionnaire.
Custodian Client Sync
Sync your client data from custodians such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Folio, etc. Easily report on actual client portfolios, including legacy investments.
Embed Questionnaire for Prospects
Link to the hosted client values questionnaire on your email signature or website to generate prospective client leads, ready for a follow-up conversation with you about ESG.
Customized Impact Reporting
See any portfolio’s impact across our range of issues, and explore in detail how its holdings contribute to overall impact.
Portfolio Comparisons
Compare the impact of any two portfolios side by side.
Shareholder Engagement
View shareholder engagement highlights from fund managers in your portfolio, and activate your power by using your verified AUM to participate in collaborative investor engagement initiatives
Metaphor Impact Reports
Present the tangible impact outcomes of investment dollars, such as "how many more meetings have been led by women" through your sustainable portfolios
Fund Screener
Find which funds best match your clients’ values or your sustainability thesis.
Institutional Report
Multi-page report, designed to form the basis of a presentation to investment committees and family offices.

All plans come with a personalized onboarding & coaching session

For Institutions

Analyst Desk

Everything in Champion, plus

  • Company research power tools

to assist with:
  • Individual security portfolios (e.g. fund construction)
  • Extensive Manager due diligence for SMA/UMA construction and rebalancing
  • Presentation to institutional investment committees




  • Bulk licensing for fleet of advisors + analysts
  • Advanced admin and supervision access controls
  • APIs available to integrate YourStake functionality into existing portals such as TAMPs
  • External use licenses available for public-display of impact reports

Direct Custom Indexing

  • Better research for analysts
  • Report impact to stakeholders
  • Tailored deployment + support
  • APIs for any functions
  • Direct custom indexing solutions
  • External use license available