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What is is an online petition platform for shareowners. The combined savings of many citizens makes up the majority of investment into big companies. Companies already respond to big investors, and now they respond to you.

Am I a shareowner?

From 401(k)s to brokerage accounts to pensions and more, you can sync with all of your investments on Stake to verify that you are a shareowner. You can use your shareowner power with stocks and mutual funds.

So if I sign a petition, companies will change?

Companies have to listen to their shareowners - you're their boss. Investors have convinced companies to

and more.

What's the catch? Is it free?

Our mission is to grow a movement, so you can use YourStake for free. Period. When you support a petition, you're not buying or trading anything. While you're here, we can help you find sustainable financial advisors if you want to dive further into your portfolio.

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Safety is our top concern. We use industry-best technology to sync accounts with bank-level security, using the same service that powers Venmo. You can read more in our Privacy Policy, Security Policy, and Terms of Use.

More FAQ

What is YourStake? is an online petition platform for shareowners. Anyone can sync their investment accounts, support petitions to improve companies + funds, and have their advocacy message delivered directly to company management.

Why? If you have investments in stocks or funds, such as 401ks for retirement, you are a shareowner. As a shareowner, you have a fundamental right to influence companies. Shareholder rights provide an avenue for the public to redirect the actions of public corporations towards public interests.

What about Proxy Voting? Do it! Companies already listen to their shareholders through once-a-year proxy votes. Unfortunately, under 11% of people vote. These ballots seem confusing unless you research companies regularly. attempts to flip this around, by bringing compelling news and action opportunities to you, all year round.

What YourStake isn't. We are not an investment platform, and we don't sell investment advice. Instead, we allow you to sync with your brokerage accounts, and we can help you connect with a financial advisor.

Do companies listen?

Companies care about their shareowners – they have to. Corporations have a legal obligation to generate shareowner value. They already have staff dedicated to listening to shareowners – their Investor Relations departments.

Shareowners already change companies all the time.

Recently, Boston Common Asset Management led a coalition of investors to persuade banks to limit coal financing. Trillium led an investor statement opposing North Carolina's discriminatory bathroom bill, part of an ultimately successful effort. And over the years, fund managers have also pushed companies to stop funding organizations supporting climate denial, address the gender pay gap, phase out antibiotic use, and much more.

Champions Advocate on your behalf. When a petition reaches its support goal, a Stake Champion will advocate directly with company management on behalf of the supporters. Champions are experts at persuading companies to improve their social and environmental impact, who are already connected to the corporate decision-makers. By connecting you with a professional Champion, your voice reaches the boardroom.

You will receive updates on the progress via email or by checking the petition page.

What's the catch? What's our business model?

Our goal is to build a movement of individual investors at scale, to hold companies accountable. We aim to make shareholder rights a part of daily life. To accomplish that, it's important that any individual can participate for free. There is no catch.

Currently, we help you find sustainable financial advisors, and we help those sustainable financial advisors analyze social impact. In the future, we may help you find other sustainable financial services. We will always make clear when links and content are to marketing affiliates, and you will never be required to purchase something in order to sign a petition. is what's considered 'social entrepreneurship.' We're a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we focus on achieving social impact while providing valuable products and services, rather than focusing on just impact (Non-profit) or just profit (regular corporation).

Strong Security

We take great measures to ensure your security. We employ bank-level security, and we don't touch any of your sensitive credentials at all. You are safe with us. Check out our Security Policy for more details.

We try to collect as little personal information from you as possible, focusing on only what's needed to operate. For example, we never ask for your real name or address. While we strongly encourage you to share petitions on Stake, sharing is never required. All of the details are in our Privacy Policy, which we have taken great effort to write in plain english.