What good are you doing with your shareholder power?

All investors have the rights to affect big company decisions.

Whether you have a pension fund, 401k, or online brokerage, companies are required to listen to the voice of their investors. Don't let Big Wall Street take away your rights.

Individuals may be weak, groups show strength.

One person may not have enough wealth to sway a company board, but groups do.

By talking to your financial advisor, you can mobilize groups to action.

Your friendly financial advisor likely serves one hundred other clients. If you simply ask, she can take steps on behalf of you and on behalf of the rest of her clients. If you stay silent, she may not think to act.

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If you're an advisor

Examples of Mobilizing Wealth Management through YourStake

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Dark Money in Politics

The nonprofits Union of Concerned Scientists and Public Citizen organized a campaign on YourStake.org to demand that large mutual fund managers compel companies to disclose political contributions to organizations that fight against climate progress.

Momentum built to over $600m assets in support

Over the course of the year, wealth management firms joined the initiative, representing hundreds of individuals.

YourStake.org coordinated meetings

YourStake.org worked with experts who had relations with the target companies. The experts held meetings with their contacts at the companies, and took care of the formal paperwork around shareholder resolutions.

Success -- Company Changed

In December 2020, one of the main fund targets of the petition, the largest asset manager in the world, agrees to change its policy in line with the petition demands.