Your Values

  1. 1. Companies should pay workers a living wage, even if that means employing fewer people.

  2. 2. I go out of my way to reduce my environmental footprint.

  3. 3. A company can’t succeed without gender diversity.

  4. 4. Prisons effectively deter crime.

  5. 5. I avoid eating meat.

  6. 6. CEOs should go to jail when their firms commit white-collar crime.

  7. 7. I would (or already do) own a gun.

  8. 8. I go out of my way to avoid buying products linked to forced labor (e.g. sweatshops).

  9. 9. I believe Jennifer Lawrence should earn as much as her male co-stars.

  10. 10. Human lives are more important than animal lives.

  11. 11. I avoid eating unhealthy fast food.

  12. 12. Society should fix problems like healthcare and education before devoting resources to climate change.

  13. 13. Society should extend extra opportunities to historically oppressed minorities.

  14. 14. People should not smoke tobacco.