Our Story

On a personal level, Stake's founders care about climate change.

Some of the largest polluting companies actively prevent societies from taking action, by buying lobbyists, spreading misinformation, and fighting innovation.

Our co-founder, Gabe, was looking to make a difference, and realized his student investment club invested in one of these polluting oil companies, Exxon.

This ownership stake meant the student club had rights as shareholders to present a Petition at Exxon's annual shareholder meeting, in Texas.

He submitted a formal proposal that Exxon stop funnelling money to climate denying organizations, such as ALEC.

Rescue mission after Hurricane Katrina. Climate change makes major weather events more frequent.

Gabe with a fellow student at Exxon's annual meeting in Texas, 2016.

A coalition of organizations, like the United Steelworkers Union and large social impact investors, supported the Petition and amplified his voice.

Gabe rose to the podium, looked CEO Rex Tillerson in the eye, and spoke.

Why does Exxon still fund climate deniers, when you are publicly committed to climate solutions?

At the time, Rex Tillerson deflected the question.

But later, Exxon changed.

In spring 2018, Exxon stopped funding climate deniers.

The student group had a tiny amount of stock, but the larger investors Championed the resolution.

We know that most people don't have time to travel across the country and handle tons of paperwork, but everyone's voice deserves to be heard.

So that's why we built Stake. We want to see more people make use of the power you already have.

And those larger investors that helped Gabe can now help Champion your Petitions, on Stake.