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Vanguard: Endorse A National Price on Carbon


Vanguard should endorse the bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Amazon: Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence, Inc.

Join Amazon employees in asking Amazon to develop a plan to prepare for climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Dimensional: Deforestation Free Funds

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional should institute a Deforestation and Land Grab-Free investment policy across all investment vehicles.


What is is an online petition platform for shareowners. The combined savings of many citizens makes up the majority of investment into big companies. Companies already respond to big investors, and now they respond to you.

Am I a shareowner?

From 401(k)s to brokerage accounts to pensions and more, you can sync with all of your investments on Stake to verify that you are a shareowner. You can use your shareowner power with stocks and mutual funds.

So if I sign a petition, companies will change?

Companies have to listen to their shareowners - you're their boss. Investors have convinced companies to

and more.

What's the catch? Is it free?

Our mission is to grow a movement, so you can use YourStake for free. Period. When you support a petition, you're not buying or trading anything. If you're interested, we can help you find sustainable financial advisors.

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Become a Champion of Your Stake

You can become a champion of your causes. Our co-founder Gabe became a champion as a broke college student. He led his college investment club to persuade Exxon to stop funding climate denial. Big companies listen to all investors. Read more here.

Anyone can write a petition on YourStake and share it. When petitions get a lot of support, we make sure to set up a meeting with the company or fund managers.

Gabe with a fellow student at Exxon's annual meeting in Texas, 2016.

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