Change the world.

Don't just own your stocks. Make your companies and funds better.

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You don't want to be invested in companies that violate human rights, destroy the environment, or treat their employees unfairly.

We're sorry to say - you probably are.

You have Power.

If you own shares in a fund or a company, you have a stake.

Your stocks in a fund or company are more than a financial asset. You have rights to a say in what the company does.

When you throw out the 'proxy ballot' you receive in the mail each year, you give up your power to improve the company toward your vision of a better world.

An old proxy voting card from Walmart.

1. Verify your Shareownership

Stake supports all major investment accounts.

Stake empowers you to take action, anytime.

Connect your investment accounts with your Stake account to verify your shareownerships.

It's safe, secure, and free. Just like, or, your bank.

2. Make an Ask

Support an Ask of a fund or company.

Or, write your own Ask, and lead the charge, on what matters most to you.

The company will know the message comes from its own shareholders.

An Ask for fund manager Blackrock to intervene during genocide crises.

3. Companies Listen

Champions are experienced at meeting with company management.

Companies see Asks on Stake. So do their shareholders, their employees, their customers, and the public.

When an Ask on Stake reaches a full progress bar, Champions make sure that companies and funds hear from you.

Champions have successful track records at negotiating to create impact. They will meet directly with company management.

Impact the World

We started Stake because we saw that David could beat Goliath. As students, we used our small shareholder voice to help change ExxonMobil.

Other investors have pushed companies to stop funding climate denial organizations, address the gender pay gap, phase out antibiotic use, and much more.

Now, Stake gives you the power to speak up through your investments.

Stake is about helping you make the world a better place.

Take Action with Stake


These Asks need more shareholder support to get the attention of company management.




A professional Champion (a big money manager with big influence), is advocating for these Asks




These Asks are being implemented by companies and funds - nice work!