U.S. Agriculture

Progress updates

Mighty Earth     June 6 2018
Responding to mounting pressure from local communities impacted by its pollution, investors, customers, and the environmental community, Tyson Foods has announced a commitment to improve farming practices on two million acres of grain by 2020. This commitment will include efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural runoff pollution from grains grown for animal feed, although the specifics and implementation plan have not yet been made public. Tyson’s commitment would cover about half of its U.S. feed supply chain.

Mighty Earth is working to reduce the environmental impacts of meat across the United States, where the industry is the leading source of our nation’s water pollution, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, and driving the destruction of our last remaining prairie. As public concern about meat’s impacts grows, we are holding leading food companies accountable for reducing the environmental consequences of their meat supply chains to prevent water pollution and protect our nation’s most iconic landscapes.