Stop Financing Natural Gas Production

Tell Bank of America to stop financing natural gas production. Bank of America has been identified as one of the top four financial institutions responsible for financing $1.9 trillion of fossil fuel projects between 2016 and 2018 (Rainforest Action Network 2019). Lending practices related to natural gas exploration, production, and infrastructure exacerbate the climate crisis and expose investors to undue risk as those loans may be subject to premature write-downs for the following reasons:

  • Major fossil fuel companies have cut their commodity price forecasts resulting in the revaluation of shale assets. In many cases, the revised values will be insufficient to repay debt in the event of bankruptcy (Matthews and Elliot 2019, Matthews, Olson, and Prang 2019).
  • Credit to shale drilling projects is expected to tighten by 10%, which may force many operators into insolvency (Matthews, Olson, and Prang 2019).
  • Research suggests that “by 2035, over 90 percent of proposed combined-cycle gas plants, if built, would be uneconomic to run compared to the cost of building a new clean energy portfolio" (Dyson 2019).
  • Clean energy portfolios consisting of wind, solar, battery storage, and demand response are already less expensive than some gas-fired generation facilities (Dyson 2019).
  • These market forces will also impact transportation infrastructure, such as pipelines, and could lead to more than $70 billion in stranded natural gas assets with low probabilities of achieving projected future cash flows and high probabilities of loan write-downs (Dyson 2019).
  • Expected policy changes needed to address climate change are expected to reduce the market capitalizations of upstream energy producers by 37.7% (Principles for Responsible Investment 2019).


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