Stop Enabling Incarceration and Migrant Detention

Progress updates

     August 10 2019

Barclays Plc will stop providing future financing to companies that manage private prisons and immigration holding facilities, joining other major lenders in shunning the industry.

Private, for-profit prisons are facing increasing public outrage over their involvement in a system of mass incarceration that perpetuates racial injustice, and for the squalid conditions of the migrant detention centers they manage. Private prisons are low on oversight and safety [1], are rife with instances of abuse [2] and lack transparency or accountability, even though almost all of their revenue is obtained from government contracts paid with taxpayer funds. [3]

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency maintains sites where they hold migrants in limbo, while they wait for court systems to catch up. These sites are managed or supported by private companies, and often fail to provide basic necessities to the detained migrants, such as, soap. [4]

A number of companies profit off of incarceration and migrant detention, and need to be held accountable to the injustices in the industry and the abhorrent conditions in the facilities.

As investors, let's call on our assets to stand on the right side of history. Call on all companies involved to stop enabling migrant detention camps.