Stay True to Antibiotic Strategy

As shareholders of Melinta, we are bought in to the ambitious mission of creating and commercializing novel antibiotics. We recognize that market forces often disincentive antibiotic creation compared to other endeavors that have lower risk and shorter-term payoff. 

We appreciate the importance of antibiotics for society, especially in wake of globally increasing antibiotic resistance. We believe that Melinta's strategy is essential for the long term future of society,[1] and we support company management in sticking to their strategy regardless of quarterly market fluctuations. 

In addition, we are glad to see that Melinta is taking steps to address clinical practices, through speaking up at events. At the most recent Making a Difference in Infectious Diseases Conference (MAD-ID), the chief medical office of Melinta said "Our presentations demonstrate Melinta’s continued commitment to combatting antimicrobial resistance by helping to inform clinical decision-making for the responsible and sustainable use of our antibiotics.” We encourage Melinta to continue to take steps to lead on antimicrobial resistance issues more broadly, as well as within the scope of their R&D.