Netflix: Pressure GA to repeal abortion ban

Georgia's six week abortion ban is now one of the most extreme abortion bans in the country--banning abortion before most people even know they are pregnant. This law will lead to more people being forced to continue dangerous pregnancies, or it could force people to seek unsafe abortions.

But the fight is not over yet. Other extremist, anti-women politicians around the country pushing similar laws are watching Georgia to see what happens next, and that's where Netflix comes in.

If we can force Netflix, a big part of Georgia's lucrative film industry, to stop filming in the state, we can show there is a heavy economic cost to endangering the lives of pregnant people with extremist anti-abortion laws. Pressure has been mounting on Netflix as actors, writers, and people like you have called on them to act. 

Netflix was able to stay silent before the bill became law, but now that Gov. Kemp has signed the bill, all eyes are on the company.

Earlier this year, Netflix decided against filming in North Carolina in response to public outcry over North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom bill. We can let them know we expect them to act and we are not going away until they stop filming in Georgia.