Fossil Banks, No Thanks

Like millions of people around the world, you are probably reducing your energy consumption, switching to renewable energy, pressuring elected officials for strong climate policies, maybe running for office yourself on a climate platform, or taking to the streets to raise the banner for immediate action on climate. 

Are you also demanding that the biggest funder of climate change stop bankrolling fossil fuels? It’s mind boggling, but despite the planetary urgency to stop global warming, US banks are global leaders in financing existing fossil fuel extraction and the unfathomable expansion of fossil fuels. JPMorgan Chase is now the world’s biggest funder of the worsening climate crisis. In the last three years, the bank’s fossil fuel financing totaled over $195 billion – 30% higher than the next largest bank funder.JPMorgan Chase is also leading the way in bankrolling fossil fuel expansion – funding new drilling and infrastructure. Astoundingly, the bank has provided $67 billion in financing for fossil fuel expansion in the three years following the Paris Agreement (68% higher than then next largest bank funder).

JPMorgan Chase finances fracking for oil and natural gas, Arctic drilling, ultra-deep-water oil and gas extraction, expansion of tar sands oil production, coal mining, and global infrastructure for liquified natural gas. Wells Fargo, Citi, and Bank of America provide ample support as well – but JPMorgan Chase outpaces all of them.

Join shareholders and climate advocates in saying “Fossil Banks, No Thanks!” Send your message today to JPMorgan Chase – stop investing in fossil fuels and fossil fuel expansion; the time for clean energy is now!