Eliminate Toxic Textiles

As you read through this, there is a good chance that you’re wearing clothes. And even if you aren’t right now, you probably will later. And while our clothes can make us look and feel good, here are some dirty truths about your clothes: 

Over 8,000 chemicals are used in the textile manufacturing industry, an industry which accounts for 20% of industrial water pollution. The most commonly used dyes can produce a known carcinogen – and some chemical formulations have even been banned in the EU. Heavy metals in dyes can affect hormonal and liver health.  

Workers work in direct contact with chemicals, often without proper safety equipment or understanding of the health impacts of the chemicals they are using. And once the chemicals are used on textiles, they’re flushed into local water sources. Major water sources in manufacturing countries can no longer sustain wildlife. Communities that rely on these water sources are at high risk of contracting deadly diseases. In some areas, locals know what the “It” color of the year is based on what color the water has been dye. 

Meanwhile, residual chemicals can be found in our clothes too. If you have odor-free, sweat-wicking, wrinkle-free clothing, you guessed it – your clothing has been treated with additional chemicals. 

This is one of the most polluting aspects of the clothing industry, and the scariest part? We still don’t know the full extent of what chemicals are going into our clothes, nor fully understand their environmental and health impacts. 

Apparel businesses know about this. Apparel factories know this. But they’re not doing enough to address this issue. 

Let’s change that together.