Investor Voice


Investor Voice develops and implements robust shareholder engagement strategies for public asset holders, mutual funds, money managers, foundations, endowments, and non-profits.

With or on behalf of clients, we develop and file shareholder proposals, engage with stakeholders and the press, negotiate with company management teams, and present proposals for votes at annual meetings of shareowners.

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Impact Highlights


For the first time, GE has agreed to robust disclosure of payments made to trade associations and secretive “social welfare” organizations, also known as 501(c)(4) groups – payments that might be used for election-related purposes. Investor Voice filed a shareholder proposal in September that urged the company to embrace greater transparency by disclosing such payments.


Achieved measurable global reduction in pesticide use in potato supply chain, a roll-out of best practices to their other agricultural products, and outreach to MCD’s peers to emulate these efforts. View more about our work with MCD’s in our News posts.


Saved the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge from a destructive 50-year-long strip-mining operation.

Champion International

Protected an important Tennessee river from significant pulp & paper pollution, and caused the polluting mill to become a worker-owned cooperative.


Led Board to adopt comprehensive policies for land-procurement that protect culturally & environmentally sensitive areas worldwide.


Currently in negotiations with Nike, having forged similar agreements with the nation’s largest bank, largest software company, and largest specialty coffee retailer to adopt leading-edge policies around disclosure of corporate political spending.