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Connecting with Clients

"“YourStake will even break it down to say ‘if you invest in this portfolio for 10 years, you’re taking this many cars off the road, you’re keeping this many bottles out of the ocean’ – so they have all of the data to back that,” she explained. “We’ve leveraged them a lot.”

Sarah Hamliton, Hamilton Walker Advisors


of AUM using for impact analysis and reporting.

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What you can Expect from

ESG Personality Types Questionnaire

Best-in-class tools for learning the values of prospects + clients and guiding them through the sustainable investing journey.

Intuitive Impact Reporting & Diagnosis

Report on both funds and companies, including the largest set of real-world "Metaphor Metrics" on diverse areas, such as fish saved from plastic pollution. Show specific reasons and examples to your clients in ways you both can understand.

Research & Analysis in your Hands

We equip you with research and analysis tools so you can create and edit your own models and customized client portfolios

What you may miss from OpenInvest

Managed Accounts

We do not directly communicate with your clients -- we provide you materials you can send to your clients, and we integrate with reporting dashboards such as Orion Advisor Technology.

Asset Management

You can maintain custody of all your assets -- we provide a service and we aren't a registered investment advisor. You have the option to analyze and report on any portfolios of funds or companies.

We can also provide the seamless all-in-one personalized ESG managed solution through working with our implementation partners. Talk to us to learn more.

Succeed with YourStake

Ignite Conversations with our Behavioral Questionnaire

Let your Prospects and Clients tell you what they believe, based off of our expertly-crafted ESG Personality Type Questionnaire. Guide them to prioritize what they truly hold as values.

I love the idea of going through this questionnaire with every single client before we do anything else.  Sometimes you think you know someone but then they surprise you.  The values questionnaire is really engaging... and a bonding opportunity.
Financial Advisor, New Hampshire
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Personalize Reporting to Client Values

Demonstrate the social + environmental impact of what your clients care about, and skip what they don't.

I think it's helpful to use many different reports, you don't have to just pick one. They tell the story in a different way to the client.  That's the nice thing about this, you can pick and choose.  
Financial Advisor, Hawaii

Improve Personalized Impact of Portfolios

Filter through the universe of funds to match portfolios to client values, and hold funds accountable as due diligence. Or do the same with companies directly for SMAs.

"We typically spent months trying to do due diligence on fund managers. Now we can do it in weeks, and if we so choose, tailor portfolios to specific clients."
Financial Advisor, Massachusetts
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Customers Love Us

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" was directly responsible for us winning business from one of the strictest clients we’ve ever run across (yay, and thanks!).

The questionnaire is just awesome. It’s working really well, and I get a lot of ‘that makes sense’ reactions – the conversations with clients who give a $&*% are smoother than ever – we’re finally closing the loop on their values and showing them the impact of changes on the sustainability side of the equation. This is awesome"

Financial Advisor, New Jersey

""YourStake earned me a client that I never thought I would have. We had a professional relationship for a while, and he was so impressed by our data and reports that he came aboard."

Financial Advisor, New York Metropolitan Area
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#1 Rated ESG/SRI Analysis tool in the 2020 survey of advisors from  T3 and Inside Information

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