Racial Justice

A majority of people of color suffer worse socioeconomic outcomes -- including health, career, and experiences with the criminal justice system -- than White counterparts. Business can promote racial justice by ending workforce discrimination and ensuring their products and services benefit all.


Study Examines Why Black Americans Remain Scarce In Executive Suites

A new report, "Being Black in Corporate America," outlines why diversity and inclusion efforts ar...

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How McKinsey Helped the Trump Administration Carry Out Its Immigration Policies

Newly uncovered documents show the consulting giant helped ICE find "detention savings opportunit...

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Musicians plan to remove their music from Amazon to protest its ties with ICE

A group of musicians and activists is calling for artists to pull their music from Amazon's music...

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Black Facebook Workers Write Open Letter to Company: We Are Treated Every Day 'As If We Do Not Belong Here'

One year after a black Facebook employee accused the social media giant of failing its black empl...

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‘I was appalled’: Black customers say host told them to move

AURORA, Ill. (AP) - An attorney representing a group of black customers who say they were asked t...

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A health care algorithm affecting millions is biased against black patients

A health care algorithm makes black patients substantially less likely than their white counterpa...

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Venture Capitalists Are Missing Out on a Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

The attached report makes the business case to VCs that closing the funding gap is a strategic im...

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Pimco lawyer files gender and race discrimination suit

A Pimco lawyer has filed a gender and racial discrimination lawsuit against the $1.8tn asset mana...

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The 2018 Board Diversity Census of Women and Minorities on Fortune 500 Boards

Deb DeHaas is vice chairman and national managing partner at Deloitte Center for Board Effectiven...

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NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Calls For Boards to Adopt 'Rooney Rule' on Diversity

​ New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, in a recent speech, called on 56 S&P 500 companie...

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Alphabet Inc.
Alphabet: Tie Executive Pay to Sustainability

Ask Alphabet (Google) to link executive pay to sustainability metrics, including diversity & inclusion

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BlackRock: support SASB’s standards on diversity

BlackRock is a leading member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). It must support SASB diversity standards BLK itself approved.

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Amazon.com, Inc.
Facial Recognition: Privacy and Civil Liberties

The Amazon board should review customers to prevent civil liberty violations, and conduct an audit of all privacy implications.

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Alphabet Inc. Amazon.com, Inc. Barclays PLC
Stop Enabling Migrant Detention Camps

Over the past couple of years, conditions at the USA-Mexico border have worsened. An influx of migrants have overwhelmed US border control agents. Man

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Vanguard: Close the Wage Gap

Vanguard should develop policies to encourage its portfolio companies to close their gender and racial wage gaps

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TJX Companies, Inc.
TJX should disclose and reduce its pay gap

Ask TJX Companies to disclose gender-, race-, and ethnicity-based pay gaps

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