Racial Justice

A majority of people of color suffer worse socioeconomic outcomes -- including health, career, and experiences with the criminal justice system -- than White counterparts. Business can promote racial justice by ending workforce discrimination and ensuring their products and services benefit all.


BlackRock Must Hit ESG Targets or Pay More to Borrow Money

Investment giant BlackRock Inc. will need to hit its staff-diversity targets and other sustainable-…

1 year, 9 months

Amazon hit by 5 more lawsuits from employees who allege race and gender discrimination

Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing - and changing us. Five women who have …

1 year, 8 months

Amazon indefinitely extends a moratorium on the police use of its facial recognition software.

Amazon said Tuesday that it would indefinitely prohibit police departments from using its facial re…

1 year, 8 months

Airbnb pricing algorithm led to increased racial disparities, study finds

Low uptake of an optional pricing algorithm on Airbnb by black hosts had the effect of widening rac…

1 year, 8 months

Promises on diversity and racial justice have proved easier to make than to keep

The words "systemic racism" used not to be spoken on US companies' earnings calls. The murder of Ge…

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Washington, DC, April 26, 2021 - A group of major employers and national organizations today launch…

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Goldman Sachs Releases Diversity Data on Leadership Makeup, And the Numbers Aren't Promising

Stay informed and join our daily newsletter now! 2 min read Despite promising to advance racial equ…

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On April 20, 2021, 140+ racial justice leaders published this open letter to asset managers as a fu…

1 year, 9 months

Share of black employees in senior US finance roles falls despite diversity efforts

Black employees held a lower share of top US financial services jobs in 2018 than they did more tha…

1 year, 10 months


Walt Disney Company
Empowering Workers in Governing Walt Disney Corp.

Non-management employees shall be part of new director nominees and/or other options such as labor councils, board liaison, Employee Stock Ownership

$319.8 million supporting

A Demand for Racial and Gender Pay Equity

Ask publicly traded companies to release annual reports on median racial and gender pay gaps

$488.2 million supporting

Amazon.com, Inc.
Facial Recognition: Privacy and Civil Liberties

The Amazon board should review customers to prevent civil liberty violations, and conduct an audit of all privacy implications.

$321.2 million supporting

Address Systemic Racism and Call to Action

Investor Statement of Solidarity to Address Systemic Racism and Call to Action.

$151.0 million supporting

BlackRock: support SASB’s standards on diversity

BlackRock is a leading member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). It must support SASB diversity standards BLK itself approved.

$16.6 million supporting

HD-Report on Advertising Policies

Home Depot board commission a report assessing how and whether the Company ensure its advertising policies don't contribute to rights violations

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DIS-Advertising Policies and Social Media

DIS reputational and business risk for contributing to the spread of racism, hate speech and disinformation through its advertising

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Alphabet Inc. Amazon.com, Inc. Barclays PLC
Stop Enabling Incarceration and Migrant Detention

End business activities enabling incarceration and migrant detention in the U.S. and globally.

$289.4 million supporting

TJX Companies, Inc.
TJX should disclose and reduce its pay gap

Ask TJX Companies to disclose gender-, race-, and ethnicity-based pay gaps

$227,983 supporting

Alphabet Inc.
Alphabet: Tie Executive Pay to Sustainability

Ask Alphabet (Google) to link executive pay to sustainability metrics, including diversity & inclusion

$58.0 million supporting