Racial Justice

A majority of people of color suffer worse socioeconomic outcomes -- including health, career, and experiences with the criminal justice system -- than White counterparts. Business can promote racial justice by ending workforce discrimination and ensuring their products and services benefit all.


Want More Diversity? Some Experts Say Reward C.E.O.s for It

Only a small number of large companies have tied executive compensation to goals for hiring and pro…

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Walmart Says It Will No Longer Lock Up African-American Beauty Products

Walmart will end its practice of locking up African-American beauty care products in glass cases, t…

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Amazon Pauses Police Use of Its Facial Recognition Software

The company said it hoped the moratorium "might give Congress enough time to put in place appropria…

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Investor Statement of Solidarity to Address Systemic Racism and Call to Action

We are long-term investors and financial service providers who commit to action and accountability …

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Opinion: It’s time for investors to dump shares of companies that profit from mass incarceration and prison labor

" From exploiting unpaid or cheap prison labor to price gouging basic necessities - companies conti…

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Washington NFL team name is the ‘equivalent of the Confederate flag’

Kolby KickingWoman If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And wow. The heat has been …

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Netflix makes $100 million commitment to support Black communities in the U.S.

Netflix announced Tuesday it will start putting 2% of its cash holdings into financial institutions…

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Amazon Workers Urge Bezos to Match His Words on Race With Actions

From racist graffiti to missed promotions, employees say a "systemic pattern of racial bias" permea…

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Aunt Jemima Brand to Change Name and Image Over ‘Racial Stereotype’

Quaker Oats, the owner of the 131-year-old brand, said it would retire the name as it worked "to ma…

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A Demand for Racial and Gender Pay Equity

Ask publicly traded companies to release annual reports on median racial and gender pay gaps

$219.6 million supporting

BlackRock: support SASB’s standards on diversity

BlackRock is a leading member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). It must support SASB diversity standards BLK itself approved.

$12.8 million supporting

Alphabet Inc. Amazon.com, Inc. Barclays PLC
Stop Enabling Incarceration and Migrant Detention

End business activities enabling incarceration and migrant detention in the U.S. and globally.

$283.0 million supporting

Alphabet Inc.
Alphabet: Tie Executive Pay to Sustainability

Ask Alphabet (Google) to link executive pay to sustainability metrics, including diversity & inclusion

$58.0 million supporting

TJX Companies, Inc.
TJX should disclose and reduce its pay gap

Ask TJX Companies to disclose gender-, race-, and ethnicity-based pay gaps

$203,616 supporting

Vanguard: Close the Wage Gap

Vanguard should develop policies to encourage its portfolio companies to close their gender and racial wage gaps

$21.9 million supporting

Amazon.com, Inc.
Facial Recognition: Privacy and Civil Liberties

The Amazon board should review customers to prevent civil liberty violations, and conduct an audit of all privacy implications.

$2.5 million supporting