Privacy & Security

Online privacy and cybersecurity are tremendous risks to everyone who uses the internet. While most all companies maintain an online presence, few take proactive protective measures that these issues deserve. This extends to critical industrial utilities as well as consumer products.


Microsoft says it will follow California's digital privacy law in U.S.

Microsoft Corp said in a blog post on Monday that it would honor California's privacy law, known as…

7 months, 3 weeks

Google to Store and Analyze Millions of Health Records

The tech company's deal with Ascension is part of a push to use artificial intelligence to aid heal…

7 months, 3 weeks

Facebook Employees Dissent Over Political Campaign Ads

In an open letter, the social network's employees said letting politicians post false claims in ads…

8 months

Twitter bans political ads ahead of 2020 election

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Twitter, reacting to growing concern about misinformation spread on social med…

8 months

Helping to Protect the 2020 US Elections

By Guy Rosen, VP of Integrity; Katie Harbath, Public Policy Director, Global Elections; Nathaniel G…

8 months, 2 weeks

Lawmakers criticize Apple CEO Tim Cook for ‘censorship’ of apps in China

Politicians from both sides of the aisle wrote Apple's Tim Cook a letter, taking issue with his pos…

8 months, 2 weeks

Apple bowed to China by removing a Hong Kong protests map from its app store

First it was rejected. Then it was approved. And now the iOS app of, a real-time, volunt…

8 months, 4 weeks

Judge blocks sole use of databases to detain immigrants

LOS ANGELES - A federal judge Friday blocked Immigration and Customs Enforcement from relying solel…

9 months, 1 week

Ahead of 2020, Facebook Falls Short on Plan to Share Data on Disinformation

In April 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, told Congress about an ambitious plan t…

9 months, 1 week

Right to Be Forgotten Privacy Rule Limited by Europe’s Top Court

LONDON - Europe's highest court limited the reach of the landmark online privacy law known as "righ…

9 months, 2 weeks


Alphabet Inc. eBay Inc. Facebook, Inc.
Protect our Privacy and Security

Tell tech companies to sign the Security Pledge to protect our privacy and help build a surveillance-resistant web.

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Netflix, Inc.
Netflix: Pressure GA to repeal abortion ban

Force Netflix, a big part of Georgia's lucrative film industry, to stop filming there & show there's an economic cost to endangering women's lives.

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Facial Recognition: Privacy and Civil Liberties

The Amazon board should review customers to prevent civil liberty violations, and conduct an audit of all privacy implications.

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Essential Utilities…
Cybersecurity of Infrastructure

Recent reports have demonstrated that America's utilities and infrastructure, like Aqua America, are extremely vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.

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