Corporate decision-making should be transparent, align with shareholders' interests, and should reflect integrity. Poor corporate ethics leads to reputational risk.


Whistle-Blower Says Credit Suisse Helped Clients Skip Taxes After Promising to Stop

A former bank employee contends that the Swiss bank continued to help American clients avoid taxes …

2 months, 2 weeks

Gun Maker Smith and Wesson Lawsuit on Fraudulent Marketing

Smith & Wesson Brands Inc. one the nation's largest gun makers, filed suit Tuesday to block a s…

5 months, 4 weeks

Apple will pay $113 million to settle states’ investigation into battery throttling

Facebook announced in August an extension of its coronavirus-protection policy, telling employees t…

6 months, 3 weeks

Amazon has created fertile ground for bribery schemes, sellers say

Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing - and changing us. Last month, US feder…

7 months, 2 weeks

Goldman Sachs’ Statements Relating to 1MDB Government and Regulatory Settlements

The firm released the following statements and presentation after today's announcement by the Unite…

7 months, 3 weeks

Wells Fargo says employees fraudulently tried to get pandemic relief money.

Wells Fargo has found evidence that some employees filed fraudulent applications to get money from …

7 months, 4 weeks

JPMorgan to pay $920 million for manipulating precious metals, treasury market

(Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co has agreed to pay more than $920 million and admitted to wrongd…

8 months, 2 weeks

Banks Suspected Illegal Activity, but Processed Big Transactions Anyway

A leak of thousands of "suspicious activity reports" that banks filed with regulators shows the wid…

8 months, 3 weeks

Consumer Bureau Scraps Restrictions on Payday Loans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday formally rescinded a plan to impose new limits …

11 months


Pegasystems-Shareholder Proxy Access

Board enable shareholder proxy access

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Impinj-Shareholder Proxy Access

Enable shareholder proxy access

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CRL-Shareholder Proxy Access

Enable all shareholders to have proxy access

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MSCI-Shareholder proxy access

Enable shareholder proxy access

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CMP-Enable Shareholder Proxy Access

CMP-Enable shareholder proxy access.

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SCHW-Directors Elected for One Year-Term

Take steps necessary to reorganize the Board of Directors into one class with each director subject to election each year for a one-year term.

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HD-Report on Advertising Policies

Home Depot board commission a report assessing how and whether the Company ensure its advertising policies don't contribute to rights violations

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DIS-Advertising Policies and Social Media

DIS reputational and business risk for contributing to the spread of racism, hate speech and disinformation through its advertising

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JPM-Study on External Costs

Board commission and disclose a study on the external costs created by the Company underwriting multi-class equity offerings

$4.5 million supporting

S&P Global Inc.
S&P Global Become a Public Benefit Corporation

Amend Certificate of Incorporation and possibly bylaws to become a public benefit corporation.

$4.5 million supporting