Equal Opportunity

Discrimination against certain demographics of employees creates toxic work environments and leaves out some of the best talent. Investors can encourage companies to protect and promote talented workers regardless of personal identities, around the world.


Walmart Likely Discriminated Against Female Store Workers, EEOC Finds

Walmart Inc. likely discriminated against 178 female workers by paying less or denying promotions...

4 days, 19 hours

Lawmakers want to give Americans back their right to sue companies

The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Tuesday afternoon passed a bipartisan bill, t...

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Future Federal Pay Data Collections Nixed for Now, EEOC Says

A federal uniform pay data collection from employers across the U.S. may be a one-time requiremen...

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14 women have filed a lawsuit against Lyft accusing the company of not addressing a 'sexual predator crisis' among drivers

Lyft is facing a new lawsuit from victims who say they were sexually assaulted or raped by driver...

2 weeks, 2 days

Trump Administration Close to Expanding Overtime Pay

WASHINGTON-The Trump administration is moving to expand the number of Americans eligible for over...

3 weeks

Google employees refuse to work on border agency cloud contract

(Image credit: Uladzik Kryhin / Shutterstock) Protests within the tech industry are gaining momen...

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Historic Rise of College Educated Women in Labor Force Changes Workplace

This is the first year ever that women are going to make up the majority of the college-educated ...

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To Save Capitalism, Pay People More

Changing the role of shareholders is only a start. Boards and C.E.O.s must create more higher-pay...

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Big data company Palantir renews its controversial contract with ICE that is worth nearly $50 million

Big data company Palantir has renewed its controversial contract with ICE, government filings sho...

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Migrant Families Would Face Indefinite Detention Under New Trump Rule

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration on Wednesday unveiled a regulation to allow it to indefinit...

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BlackRock: support SASB’s standards on diversity

BlackRock is a leading member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). It must support SASB diversity standards BLK itself approved.

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Alphabet Inc. Amazon.com, Inc. Barclays PLC
Stop Enabling Migrant Detention Camps

Over the past couple of years, conditions at the USA-Mexico border have worsened. An influx of migrants have overwhelmed US border control agents. Man

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State Street Corp...
State Street: Prohibit Queer Discrimination

The right to be queer is being legally attacked in the US. But State Street can ensure its companies are not complicit.

$975,847 supporting

Vanguard: Prohibit Queer Discrimination

The right to be queer is being legally attacked in the US. But Vanguard can ensure its companies are not complicit.

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Vanguard: Close the Wage Gap

Vanguard should develop policies to encourage its portfolio companies to close their gender and racial wage gaps

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Tell CEOs to prioritize women in leadership

There is a dearth of women in Board and other leadership positions. CEOs need to prioritize changing this in order for diversity efforts to succeed.

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TJX Companies, Inc.
TJX should disclose and reduce its pay gap

Ask TJX Companies to disclose gender-, race-, and ethnicity-based pay gaps

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Alphabet Inc.
Google: Disclose and Close Your Pay Gap

Alphabet/Google should report on, and take steps to close, its global median gender pay gap

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Alphabet Inc.
Alphabet: Tie Executive Pay to Sustainability

Ask Alphabet (Google) to link executive pay to sustainability metrics, including diversity & inclusion

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Netflix, Inc.
Netflix: Pressure GA to repeal abortion ban

Force Netflix, a big part of Georgia's lucrative film industry, to stop filming there & show there's an economic cost to endangering women's lives.

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