Air, water, plants, and animals, are interconnected with society in direct and circular ways. Businesses have tremendous impact on the environment, and often have many pathways to reduce their footprint.


BlackRock Joins World's Largest Investor Group on Climate

BlackRock Inc. said Thursday that it has joined Climate Action 100+, the world's largest group of i…

5 months, 4 weeks

JetBlue announces plans to become carbon neutral on domestic flights in a first for the US airline industry

JetBlue is tackling the high environmental impact of flying by aiming to become carbon neutral on a…

5 months, 4 weeks

Amazon workers clash with company over climate change

Amazon employees say that the company has threatened to fire some workers for publicly pushing the …

6 months

New York Loses Climate Change Fraud Case Against Exxon Mobil

A New York state judge on Tuesday handed Exxon Mobil a victory in the civil case brought by the sta…

6 months, 4 weeks

U.N. Climate Talks End With Few Commitments and a ‘Lost’ Opportunity

United Nations climate talks ended early Sunday in Madrid with big polluting countries blocking an …

6 months, 3 weeks

European Green Deal will change economy to solve climate crisis, says EU

Nearly every major aspect of the European economy is to be re-evaluated in light of the imperatives…

6 months, 3 weeks

Fossil fuel firms 'could be sued' for climate change

The world's most polluting companies could be sued for their contributions to global warming, a maj…

6 months, 4 weeks

Plastic Backlash Leads to Bets on Old Recycling Technology

Big makers and users of plastic packaging are betting on a recycling technology that has failed for…

7 months

Companies vow to improve climate disclosure after TCI warning

Companies including Charter Communications and Moody's have vowed to improve their environmental di…

7 months


BlackRock Dimensional Fund Ad… Fidelity
Disclose Corporate Political Activity

Fossil fuel companies exert a great deal of influence over climate and energy policy at the federal, state, local and international levels – yet much

$473.1 million supporting

BlackRock Eaton Vance Fidelity
Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

We ask companies and fund managers to endorse the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

$99.4 million supporting

Commit to science-based emission reduction targets

Request companies commit to science-based emissions targets.

$80.9 million supporting

Starbucks Corporati…
Starbucks: Stop Offering Food With Animal Products

Starbucks has not committed to moving away from meat, only dairy. Animal products contribute to environmental damage and exploit animals.

$11.4 million supporting

Report year-on-year energy consumption

Communicate to real estate companies on the importance of reporting comparable, year-on-year energy consumption metrics.

$10.7 million supporting

Adopt TCFD recommendations

Ask companies to incorporate the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

$30.5 million supporting

United Parcel Servi…
UPS: Link Executive Pay to Sustainability

Integrate sustainability metrics into company executive compensation incentive plans

$50.5 million supporting

Banco Santander, S.… Bank of America Cor… Bank Of New York Me…
Cease Investment in Illegal Amazon Deforestation

Brazilian agribusiness is rapidly destroying the Amazon rainforest. Foreign financiers have the power and responsibly to halt illegal deforestation.

$72.7 million supporting

Fidelity: support SASB disclosure on agriculture

Sustainable accounting standards for agriculture will go live later in 2018. Fidelity should ensure adherence to these standards.

$11.3 million supporting

Verizon Communicati…
Verizon: Stop Offering Products Using Leather

Verizon leather cases and pouches contain leather. Animal products contribute to environmental damage and exploit animals.

$10.7 million supporting