Air, water, plants, and animals, are interconnected with society in direct and circular ways. Businesses have tremendous impact on the environment, and often have many pathways to reduce their footprint.


Volvo Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars by 2030

The Transition to Electric Cars The Swedish company would phase out internal combustion engine vehi…

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SEC Statement on the Review of Climate-Related Disclosure

Today, I am directing the Division of Corporation Finance to enhance its focus on climate-related d…

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What’s Really Behind Corporate Promises on Climate Change?

Credit... Andrea Chronopoulos Many big businesses have not set targets for reducing greenhouse gas …

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Texas freeze led to release of tons of air pollutants as refineries shut

The largest U.S. oil refiners released tons of air pollutants into the skies over Texas this past w…

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IBM pledges net-zero emissions by 2030

IBM is pledging to eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, becoming the latest tech giant t…

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Shell, in a Turning Point, Says Its Oil Production Has Peaked

Europe's largest oil and gas producer said oil production would gradually decline 1 or 2 percent an…

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G.M. Will Sell Only Zero-Emission Vehicles by 2035

The Transition to Electric Cars The move, one of the most ambitious in the auto industry, is a piec…

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Q4 2020: Amazon, AT&T, McDonald's and Starbucks lead the way as clean energy procurement matures

After a strange year, corporate renewable procurement deals ended on a high note, with corporations…

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BlackRock holds $85 billion in coal investments despite Larry Fink's focus on climate change

BlackRock holds at least $85 billion in investments in coal companies, a year after it announced a …

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BlackRock Eaton Vance Fidelity
Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

We ask companies and fund managers to endorse the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

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Verizon Communicati…
Stop Throttling the California Firefighters

Amidst the worst fire in CA history, apparently Verizon throttled the wireless broadband communications of firefighters, trying to upsell the State.

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Carter's, Inc.
Eliminate Toxic Textiles

As you read through this, there is a good chance that you’re wearing clothes. And even if you aren’t right now, you probably will later. And while our

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JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Fossil Banks, No Thanks

Like millions of people around the world, you are probably reducing your energy consumption, switching to renewable energy, pressuring elected officia

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Chevron Corporation Dominion Energy, In…
Methane Reduction

To avoid catastrophic climate change and limit global warming to below two degrees Celsius, deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are required. Inves

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Apple Inc.
Apple: Stop Offering Products Using Leather

Apple watch straps, leather phone and iPad covers all contain leather. Animal products contribute to environmental damage and exploit animals.

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Starbucks Corporati…
Starbucks: Stop Offering Food With Animal Products

Starbucks has not committed to moving away from meat, only dairy. Animal products contribute to environmental damage and exploit animals.

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Verizon Communicati…
Verizon: Stop Offering Products Using Leather

Verizon leather cases and pouches contain leather. Animal products contribute to environmental damage and exploit animals.

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McDonald's Corporat…
Please add a vegan burger to your menu in the US.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Parnassus: Step up Shareholder Engagement

To make good on its ESG and Socially Responsible brand, Parnassus needs to step up its activity on shareholder engagement.

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