Air, water, plants, and animals, are interconnected with society in direct and circular ways. Businesses have tremendous impact on the environment, and often have many pathways to reduce their footprint.


New York Loses Climate Change Fraud Case Against Exxon Mobil

A New York state judge on Tuesday handed Exxon Mobil a victory in the civil case brought by the s...

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Fossil fuel firms 'could be sued' for climate change

The world's most polluting companies could be sued for their contributions to global warming, a m...

18 hours, 48 minutes

Plastic Backlash Leads to Bets on Old Recycling Technology

Big makers and users of plastic packaging are betting on a recycling technology that has failed f...

2 days, 12 hours

Companies vow to improve climate disclosure after TCI warning

Companies including Charter Communications and Moody's have vowed to improve their environmental ...

3 days, 20 hours

King coal no more as insurer Axa vows to divest from fossil fuel

The insurer Axa has promised to sever ties with the coal industry as part of a climate strategy t...

3 days, 21 hours

California Bans Insurers From Dropping Policies Made Riskier by Climate Change

California's wildfires have grown so costly and damaging that insurance companies - a homeowner's...

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Hedge fund TCI vows to punish directors over climate change

Christopher Hohn's activist hedge fund TCI has outlined plans to punish directors of companies th...

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Tesla reveals Cybertruck, but breaks its 'unbreakable' windows during unveiling

The Cybertruck has arrived and it looks nothing like any pickup truck you've ever seen. Tesla CEO...

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Chevron Corporation
Climate Deception and Accountability

Major fossil fuel companies have known for decades that their products—oil, natural gas, and coal—cause global warming. Their own scientists told them

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Amazon.com, Inc.
Amazon: Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence

Join Amazon employees in asking Amazon to develop a plan to prepare for climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels

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Amazon.com, Inc.
McWholeFoods Polluting Meat

Whole Foods has no environmental standards for their meat, and in fact buys from some of the most polluting and environmental destructive companies on

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HSBC Holdings plc JPMorgan
Banking on Climate Change

A handful of banks have published policies restricting their financing to some of the most carbon intensive, financially risky, and environmentally de

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Report year-on-year energy consumption

Communicate to real estate companies on the importance of reporting comparable, year-on-year energy consumption metrics.

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CVS Health Corpor...
Skip the Slip

Every year, US receipt production consumes over 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water. This emits 4 billion pounds of CO2 and generates 302 m

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Carter's, Inc.
Eliminate Toxic Textiles

As you read through this, there is a good chance that you’re wearing clothes. And even if you aren’t right now, you probably will later. And while our

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Support the Kigali Amendment

The Kigali Amendment would ensure the phaseout of hydrofluorocarbons, one of the most damaging greenhouse pollutants, and must be ratified.

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Vanguard: Tell Companies to have climate plan

Ask companies to disclose their plans to operate under the 2 degree climate change scenario, and support resolutions asking as much

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Dimensional Fund ... TIAA Vanguard
Deforestation Free Funds

Every minute the world loses 40 football fields worth of tropical rainforest -- and the bulk of this forest destruction is driven by industrial produc

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