Air, water, plants, and animals, are interconnected with society in direct and circular ways. Businesses have tremendous impact on the environment, and often have many pathways to reduce their footprint.


VW Lays Off Engineer who Identified Emissions Scandal

Hemanth Kappanna's research helped plunge Volkswagen into a scandal that continues to plague it. ...

2 months, 1 week

PGE Says S.E.C. Is Investigating Its Wildfire Disclosures

LOS ANGELES - The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an investigation into Pacific Gas...

2 months

24 Governors Call on Trump to Halt Rollback on Rules for Clean Cars

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1 week

Bitcoin uses more energy than Sweden

The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) provides a real-time estimate of the ...

1 week, 5 days

US insurer Chubb pulls back from coal

Chubb is set to become the first of the big US insurers to announce a ban on coverage for coal co...

2 weeks, 1 day

As Coal Fades in the US, Natural Gas Becomes a Battleground

America's coal-burning power plants are shutting down at a rapid pace, forcing electric utilities...

2 weeks, 5 days

New Illegal Software found on Daimler (Mercedes) Diesel Engines

Shares of Daimler fell almost 5% after the maker of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars issued a profit war...

3 weeks, 2 days

The State of Corporate No-Deforestation Commitments and Reporting Indicators that Count

While nearly 500 global companies have made commitments to no-deforestation with varying degrees ...

3 weeks, 2 days


Skip the Slip

Every year, US receipt production consumes over 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water. This emits 4 billion pounds of CO2 and generates...

Multiple Companies     $7.5 million supporting    

Fossil Banks, No Thanks

Like millions of people around the world, you are probably reducing your energy consumption, switching to renewable energy, pressuring elected o...

Multiple Companies     $64.4 million supporting    

Parnassus: Step up Shareholder Engagement

To make good on its ESG and Socially Responsible brand, Parnassus needs to step up its activity on shareholder engagement.

Parnassus     $264,074 supporting    

BlackRock: Support More Climate Change Proposals

BlackRock only supported 12.5% of climate-relate shareholder proposals in 2017, while others like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs supported >80%

BlackRock     $1.4 million supporting    

UPS: Link Executive Pay to Sustainability

Integrate sustainability metrics into company executive compensation incentive plans

United Parcel Service, Inc.     $4,923 supporting    

Disclose Corporate Political Activity

Fossil fuel companies exert a great deal of influence over climate and energy policy at the federal, state, local and international levels – ye...

Multiple Companies     $75.3 million supporting    

Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

A healthy, stable, and prosperous America

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) will drive down Ameri...

Multiple Companies     $86.0 million supporting    

Eliminate Toxic Textiles

As you read through this, there is a good chance that you’re wearing clothes. And even if you aren’t right now, you probab...

Multiple Companies     $189,080 supporting    

Deforestation Free Funds

Every minute the world loses 40 football fields worth of tropical rainforest -- and the bulk of this forest destruction is driven by industrial ...

Multiple Companies     $57.8 million supporting    

McWholeFoods Polluting Meat

Whole Foods has no environmental standards for their meat, and in fact buys from some of the most polluting and environmental destructive compan...

Multiple Companies     $9.4 million supporting