Board Oversight

The Board of companies is in charge of making strategic business decisions. Oversight of the Board aims to ensure that decisions align with shareholders' interests, and not simply company management's interests.

What People Are

What's Happening

What You Can Do

Investigate foreign government election influence
Investigate and deter foreign government campaigns to influence US elections
6 months, 3 weeks     Facebook, Inc.

Give Each Share an Equal Vote
Shareholders request that our Board take all practicable steps in its control to initiate and ado...
5 months, 2 weeks     Facebook, Inc.

End Dictatorship of Alphabet by Page and Brin
Shareholders request that our Board adopt a recapitalization plan for all outstanding stock to ha...
5 months, 2 weeks     Alphabet Inc.

Chevron: Adopt Independent Board Chair
Ask Chevron to adopt an independent board chair policy to oversee long-term risks
1 year     Chevron Corporation