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VW Lays Off Engineer who Identified Emissions Scandal

Hemanth Kappanna's research helped plunge Volkswagen into a scandal that continues to plague it. ...

2 months, 1 week

PGE Says S.E.C. Is Investigating Its Wildfire Disclosures

LOS ANGELES - The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an investigation into Pacific Gas...

2 months

Drug Prices Will Soon Appear In TV Ads

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration for the first time will require pharmaceutical companies to...

2 months

Walmart Pleads Guilty to Decade of Bribes

Walmart has agreed to pay $282 million to settle a long-running investigation into questionable p...

3 weeks, 6 days

SEC Investigating Your Company For Fraud? Disclosure Could Be Harmful

You might think that companies that are being investigated for financial fraud by the Securities ...

3 weeks

Judge nixes Trump effort to require drug prices in TV ads

A federal judge has nixed a regulation that was a centerpiece of President Donald Trump's efforts...

1 week, 1 day

Oxfam releases 2nd scoring of US and European supermarkets’ global food supply chains

Oxfam has assessed 16 large supermarkets across the US and Europe on their policies and practices...

1 week, 1 day


Stop Enabling Migrant Detention Camps

Over the past couple of years, conditions at the USA-Mexico border have worsened. An influx of migrants have overwhelmed US border control agent...

Multiple Companies     $52.0 million supporting    

Fidelity: Divest from Private Prisons

Fidelity should divest its holdings of all private prisons or work to promote higher transparency, safety and recidivism reduction within the industry

Fidelity     $747,203 supporting    

BlackRock: Fix your private prison problem

BlackRock should require its private prison companies to improve their safety and reduce recidivism, and divest from those that lag behind

BlackRock     $928,150 supporting    

Vanguard: Divest from private prisons

Vanguard should divest its holdings of all private prisons or work to promote higher transparency, safety and recidivism reduction within the industry

Vanguard     $8.0 million supporting    

Cease funding private prisons

In the wake of public outcry, major banks have been cutting ties with the private prison industry. We urge Barclays to follow suit.

Barclays PLC     $0 supporting    

Skip the Slip

Every year, US receipt production consumes over 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water. This emits 4 billion pounds of CO2 and generates...

Multiple Companies     $7.5 million supporting    

Fossil Banks, No Thanks

Like millions of people around the world, you are probably reducing your energy consumption, switching to renewable energy, pressuring elected o...

Multiple Companies     $64.4 million supporting    

Support Amazon Employees' Right To Unionize

Amazon warehouse workers face grueling working conditions and should have the right to unionize so as to protect their wellbeing.

Vanguard     $936,935 supporting    

Demand Companies Disclose Political Activity

Tell Dimensional Fund Advisors to hold companies accountable and demand that they disclose their political activity

Dimensional Fund Advisors     $3.5 million supporting    

Stop selling facial recognition software to ICE

Amazon's facial recognition software enables ICE to mine driver’s license databases, violating privacy rights and enabling inhumane deportation raids., Inc.     $42,231 supporting