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Exxon Considers Pledging ‘Net Zero’ Carbon by 2050

Exxon Mobil Corp. is considering a pledge to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050, accor…

1 month, 2 weeks

Amazon Faces Wider Fight Over Labor Practices

Unionization Effort at Amazon A second union vote may be held at an Alabama warehouse, and new tact…

1 month, 2 weeks

Mexico Sues Gun Companies in U.S., Accusing Them of Fueling Violence

The government accuses gun makers and suppliers of knowingly flooding the market with firearms attr…

1 month, 2 weeks

SEC Weighs Making Companies Liable for Climate Disclosures

WASHINGTON-Public companies could be required to disclose climate-change related risks to investors…

1 month, 3 weeks

Robinhood Fined for Misleading Customers

Robinhood Financial, the online stock-trading app, was fined $70 million by the securities industry…

2 months, 3 weeks

Rainbow Washing

If you're on any social media platform in June, it's hard to miss the rainbow explosion. For the pa…

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Every dollar spent on political influence yields a $20 return in future earnings

You may be able to find the information you need at:

3 months

Apple unveils new privacy features

Apple once again took aim at the vast digital-advertising industry on Monday and unveiled a number …

3 months

Canada Goose Goes Fur Free

Canada Goose is icing out the fur trims on its jackets.

3 months


A Demand for Racial and Gender Pay Equity

Ask publicly traded companies to release annual reports on median racial and gender pay gaps

$330.9 million supporting

BlackRock Dimensional Fund Ad… Fidelity
Disclose Corporate Political Activity

Fossil fuel companies exert a great deal of influence over climate and energy policy at the federal, state, local and international levels – yet much

$700.3 million supporting

Archer-Daniels-Midl… Bunge Limited
Bunge and ADM Boards: stop deforestation!

Join us in calling on Bunge and ADM's Board to vote YES on the shareholder proposal calling for stronger action to protect our planet.

$110.9 million supporting

Nextera Energy-Permit Written Consent

Board permit written consent by shareholders to cast minimum number of vote to authorize action at a meeting

$8.3 million supporting

Banco Santander, S.… Bank of America Cor… Barclays PLC
Cease Investment in Illegal Amazon Deforestation

Brazilian agribusiness is rapidly destroying the Amazon rainforest. Foreign financiers have the power and responsibly to halt illegal deforestation.

$100.3 million supporting

Ending the Subminimum Wage

Investor Statement in Support of Ending the Subminimum Wage

$286,933 supporting

Address Systemic Racism and Call to Action

Investor Statement of Solidarity to Address Systemic Racism and Call to Action.

$0 supporting

Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims

Investor Statement in Support of Ending Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims.

$0 supporting

Amazon-Enable Holders to Call Special Meetings

Board amend bylaws to enable holders to call special shareowner meetings.

$8.3 million supporting

Chipotle-Permit Written Consent by Shareholders

Board permit written consent by shareholders to cast minimum number of votes to authorize meeting action.

$8.3 million supporting