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Vanguard: Endorse A National Price on Carbon


Vanguard should endorse the bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Create Fossil Free Versions of Your Index Funds


The fossil fuel industry is destroying our planet. Help investors green their accounts by offering fossil fuel free versions of your index funds.

Vanguard: Tell Companies to have climate plan


Ask companies to disclose their plans to operate under the 2 degree climate change scenario, and support resolutions asking as much

Support the Kigali Amendment


The Kigali Amendment would ensure the phaseout of hydrofluorocarbons, one of the most damaging greenhouse pollutants, and must be ratified.

Endorse a market-based climate solution


Endorse (S. 3791 / H.R. 7173) global warming solutions in Senate and House

BlackRock: Support More Climate Change Proposals


BlackRock only supported 12.5% of climate-relate shareholder proposals in 2017, while others like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs supported >80%

BlackRock: Endorse A National Price on Carbon


BlackRock should endorse the bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Parnassus: Step up Shareholder Engagement


To make good on its ESG and Socially Responsible brand, Parnassus needs to step up its activity on shareholder engagement.

Fidelity: Endorse A National Price on Carbon


Fidelity should endorse the bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Amazon: Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence

Amazon.com, Inc.

Join Amazon employees in asking Amazon to develop a plan to prepare for climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Dimensional: Deforestation Free Funds


Dimensional should institute a Deforestation and Land Grab-Free investment policy across all investment vehicles.

State Street: Endorse A National Price on Carbon

State Street Corporation

State Street should endorse the bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Stop Throttling the California Firefighters

Verizon Communications Inc.

Amidst the worst fire in CA history, apparently Verizon throttled the wireless broadband communications of firefighters, trying to upsell the State.

AT&T: Disclose Your Lobbying

AT&T Inc.

AT&T should be more transparent about its lobbying expenditures

Exxon: Disclose your Lobbying

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon should be more transparent about corporate lobbying expenditures designed to influence legislation and regulation

Liberty Media Corporation: 100% renewable energy

Liberty Media Corporation

Use 100% renewable energy by 2050

IBM: Disclose Your Lobbying

International Business Machines Corporation

IBM should be more transparent about its lobbying expenditures

Emerson Electric: Set GHG Reduction Targets

Emerson Electric Company

Emerson Electric should set GHG reduction targets in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement

Continue the Transition

Tesla, Inc.

Tesla continues to advance the world’s transition into utilizing electric vehicles.

Kinder Morgan Needs a Strong Climate Change Plan

Kinder Morgan, Inc.

KMI should assess the long-term portfolio impacts of the international goal of limiting global temperature increase to 2ºC.

Chevron: Reduce Methane Emissions

Chevron Corporation

Chevron should reduce methane emissions to eliminate climate change risks.

Chevron: Leave ALEC

Chevron Corporation

Chevron should stop funding climate disinformation and end its support of ALEC.

Dominion: Reduce Methane Emissions

Dominion Energy, Inc.

In response to the shareholder resolution As You Sow filed with Arjuna Capital, Dominion published its methane leakage rates and committed to ...

Eaton Vance: Endorse a National Price on Carbon

Eaton Vance

Eaton Vance should endorse the bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Adopt GHG Reduction Targets

Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot should adopt company- wide goals for managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, consistent with the Paris Climate Agreement

HSBC: Stop Funding Coal and Tar Sands

HSBC Holdings plc

HSBC should stop funding the extreme fossil fuel projects that drive the climate crisis

JPMorgan: Defund Tar Sands and Coal now!


Tell JPMorgan Chase we will not stand for their destructive banking practices

Set GHG Reduction Goals

McDonald's Corporation

Our engagement with McDonalds leadership over the years has led to this successful result. In 2018, McDonalds agreed to set the GHG reduction ...

Commit a % of profit to Carbon Offsets:

United Continental Holdings, Inc.

United should use some of its profits to invest in carbon offset programs. Right now, they push the responsibility onto the consumers.