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Every year, US receipt production consumes over 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water. This emits 4 billion pounds of CO2 and generates 302 million pounds of solid waste (from production & disposal). And most thermal paper receipts are coated with BPA or BPS, posing risks to worker & customer health as well as making them unfit to recycle.

BPA has been banned from other items because it contributes to developmental, reproductive, and neurological problems. Customers handles a dozen paper receipts every week, and employees may touch thousands in the same time period. Environmental Working Group analysis of Center for Disease Control data shows that retail workers are shown to have 30% more BPA in their systems than other adults.

Many retailers are already making the choice to move away from using these papers, but the majority of stores still need to take action. Green America wants to eliminate the use of thermal paper coated in toxins and reduce the unnecessary waste from paper receipts used by companies like CVS.

CVS finally rolled out digital receipts in 2016, but its failure to promote this option has resulted in just 5% of its customers using digital. And its use of receipt paper coated in BPS continues to pose health risks to its workers and customers.