Chevron: Leave ALEC

Chevron Corporation

As leaders and businesses around the world begin to take action to prevent the worst effects of climate change, fossil fuel companies are increasingly acknowledging both climate science and the global political consensus to act. However, Chevron and other major fossil fuel companies have not only failed to take responsibility for the harmful effects of their products, they also continue to fund climate deception campaigns and seek to block climate policy progress.


Chevron funds and takes on leadership roles within the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a lobby group with a history of promoting anti-climate policies. ALEC has drafted sample legislation that would roll back or inhibit state standards requiring utilities to increase their use of clean energy, eliminate state incentives for electric vehicles, hamper the solar industry from selling electricity directly to homes and businesses, and restrict investment in wind and solar.


Chevron remains the only major investor-owned oil and gas company still funding ALEC. Other major companies, including BP, Royal Dutch Shell, ConocoPhillips, and most recently ExxonMobil, have left ALEC – some citing ALEC's positions on climate change as the reason for severing ties. It is time that Chevron catch up with its peers and end its support of anti-climate lobbying through ALEC.


Tell Chevron to stop funding climate disinformation and end its support of ALEC!