Stop selling items containing down feathers

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

Given the cruel and inhumane treatment of birds used in down production, the Board is strongly encouraged to enact a policy ensuring that no products sold by Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. contain down.


To obtain down, workers typically tightly restrain ducks or geese and rip out handfuls of their feathers, causing them to shriek in pain. They're plucked so violently that their skin is often torn open, leaving them with gaping wounds, which workers then sew up with a needle and thread and no anesthetics or other pain relief. Many birds are put through this ordeal every six weeks for years on end.

The birds are often subjected to intensive confinement on filthy factory farms before they're loaded into open-air trucks and hauled to the slaughterhouse, exposed to all weather extremes. A PETA eyewitness exposé revealed that birds raised for down were crammed into cages with such force that many sustained bruises, broken bones, and dislocated joints. At the slaughterhouse, they're often improperly and ineffectively stunned before their throats are cut and they're dumped into the scalding-hot water of the defeathering tank.

Selling down - a product that causes so much suffering - is not only cruel but also inconsistent with Bed Bath & Beyond's commitment to being a "responsible citizen" and "a mindful steward" of the resources it uses. Condoning the cruelty inherent in down production is in stark contrast with our company's purported desire to strive to find ways to improve itself.

Our company understands the benefits of cruelty-free synthetic materials, as it already sells high-quality, stylish alternatives to down. Phasing out down would be easy. More importantly, it would be compassionate.

By eliminating down from its offerings, Bed Bath & Beyond would spare birds an enormous amount of suffering and demonstrate that it is innovative, distinctive, competitive, and humane.

Accordingly, we urge shareholders to support this ethically responsible resolution.