American Outdoor: Report on Gun Safety Measures

American Outdoor Brands Corporation

AOBC’s AR-15 style rifle was used in the Valentine’s Day 2018 shooting in Parkland which left 17 dead, a 2015 shooting in a San Bernardino, CA community center that left 14 dead, and a movie theatre shooting in Aurora, CO which left 12 dead. These are only a few of the most recent and highest profile violent incidents involving AOBC (formerly Smith & Wesson) products.

We view monitoring as a core component of good corporate governance. Risk assessment and management are essential responsibilities of the Board of Directors, as are the development of effective solutions to prevent and mitigate those risks.

AOBC works closely with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on all trace requests in the context of a confidential investigation. While details specific to each of the approximately 11,000 requests it receives per year must understandably remain confidential, it is obvious that AOBC is keeping records and could report an aggregated and anonymized version to shareholders. This would be similar to reporting of health issues for public health purposes: aggregated health information is collected and can be used to pinpoint epidemics, clusters of concern, rates of increase/decline in chronic disease, etc. Similarly, aggregated information from gun manufacturers could inform focused strategies to prevent violence associated with firearms.

It is the responsibility of gun manufacturers to ensure that they have robust oversight mechanisms in place to monitor and prevent, as best they can, their misuse.